Making of Manga Character

27 Jan 2011 - Even though I have not finished yet the two projects I have ongoing (see below), I am following the Creative Photoshop CS4 book by Derek Lea to learn how to make drawings using only photoshop. For my first project, I started with a sketch on a note book which I then scanned and loaded into photoshop. The first step was to draw the outline of the character using the Pen Tool and using the Direct Selection Tool to edit the individual points defining the outline. Once done, I moved into filing the different parts with color. I did this by choosing a color and with the Wand Tool selecting the different regions of the character and simply filling the selection (CTRL+Delete). The next stage I took was to apply shadows and highlights. But first I created the background (from an image of a wall) so that I could locate the source of the light (bottom right hand corner). I left for last the details of the eyes and the lips. I will leave my first photoshop project here. It is the first thing that I do and did not want to spend too much time on it, I only wanted to get familiar with a few things like layers, gradients, paths and vector masks within photoshop.

Manga Character: Pencil sketch done on a notebook, outline in black of the character done in photoshop, filling with color the main parts, some shadows and highlights and finally the eyes and the mouth.

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