Making of Melancholia

The idea for making this painting came from a comic (again, I can't remember which one).

First, I made a sketch on my note book in pencil to define the measurements of the designs in order to put it onto canvas using charcoal. I had chosen a 150cm by 50cm for the size of the canvas. Afterwards, it was only a matter of going over all the lines and spaces using black and white acrylic paint. I had to go over every black line and white space at least three times to make sure that the white was white, and the black was black. Lastly, I made some red and black circles of two different sizes on cardboard and stuck them in different places over the image to see where they would fit best. Once decided, I made them permanent by painting them onto the canvas. I chose black and red for the colour of the circles and only coming in two different sizes, I did not want to overdo the number of sizes and colours.

From top to bottom: from the sketch to the final result. The first image corresponds to the sketch in pencil on the note book, the second corresponds to the design on charcoal already in the canvas, the third to an intermediate stage, and last, the result of the final stage of the painting.

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