Making of The Crow

12 March 2012 - This is the making of of the image I am going to send to the new Concept Art Challenge organized by 3DTotal for the end of April 2012. The theme this time is Fan Art, so I have chosen the character of The Crow. Below is the work in progress of the front, back and side view of the character that you have to present. I am working on the side view, as you can tell. Once done, I will work with the front view for the final concept in which I will add several elements very characteristic of the film.


19 March 2012 - Here is an update. I am working on getting the texture and look and feel of the different materials right. Mainly, the leather cape and trousers, the different pieces of cloth around the waist, and the t-shirt. For the cape I am using a few layers. The main layer used for the cape has been smooth a few times, and I am using the smudge tool a lot to get all the reflections and creases. I have seen that the reflections on leather are very soft and diffuse, so I am trying to achieve that look.


31 March 2012 - Here is another update.

5 April 2012 - Here goes another update. Using the three elements I developed in the starting phase, figure, window frame and crow, I am putting together final concept image. Initially I just placed everything together and decided on the colour and mood. The work mainly involved getting the window frame right (first image bellow). On a second phase I worked on ambient light and in integrating both figure and crow a bit better in the image (second figure bellow). Also I worked on overall shadows and highlight here and there and added some more light to the window with some stronger highlights to the window frame and broken glass on the window. To try and give the image some depth, I added some chains hanging from the ceiling at different distances. I am working in adding more elements to make the image a bit more interesting.

Here is the evolution of the full image:



And here is a detail of the central part of the image:




20 April 2012 - Here is goes a further update. We are a week away from the deadline of the competition. At some stage, while playing with the mood of the image, I created a colder and warmer palette version of the image (you can see both version below). Someone in the thread where we publish our progress suggested that I should combine both of them. I thought it was a good idea, so I mixed both of them and with a bit of refinement I created a mixed version. You can see bellow the result. Also, I have been working now on small details, like adding the cat and police tape. I have a couple more things to play with before I call this one finished.




27 April 2012 - These are the images I am going to present for the contest. I include the final image, construction layout, colour study, a sheet with some zoom in details and photo references. The competition is going to be hard, there is some good concepts there already. The final entries can be seen here. Voting will start on sunday evening.



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