Ignacio at Visualart

I have now open a gallery on Visualart. Visualart has gallery, blog and forum sections amongst other things.

Ignacio at ITsART

I have now open a gallery on ITsART.  ITsART contains several sections, including a gallery, tutorials and of course the digital magazine that you can subscribe to.

Ignacio at 3D Total Profiles

3D Total has opened up a new section on their site for members to create their own free portfolio and also to create a library of your favourite content from the 3dtotal galleries and tutorials. You can visit this new pages here.

Ignacio at CGHub

I have now open a profile on CGHub. I hope I can open there at some point my own gallery, although the standards there are very high !

Ignacio at ImagineFX

I have now open a profile on  ImagineFX . You can access my gallery there to see my work. I will soon open a Forum Thread where I will put my progress on whatever digital art I am working on.

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