Digital Sketches Gallery Now Online

After seeing and reading how people manage to make a digital concept in just a few hours, or a day or two, I have decided to give this kind of exercise a go and set myself a given amount of time to start and finish something. So I have now started in these pages a Digital Sketch gallery, and whenever I have the time, I will make one of this and see what comes out. You can find the gallery at: Digital Sketch Gallery. As usual comments are always welcomed.

My Blog

I have now opened up a blog. I will be posting there all the things I am currently working on. It might be an easier way to get comments and feedback from anyone wishing to do so. You can find the blog at this link.

Ignacio at 3D Total

I have now open a profile on 3D Total. You can access it or go directly into my gallery to see my work. I have also opened a Forum Thread where I will put my progress on whatever digital art I am working on.

Digital Art Gallery Now Online

I have now started in these pages a digital art gallery. It has only been in the past few months that I have become interested in digital art techniques. So slowly, I will be adding to these pages whatever I do. I will be adding an explanation, but since I am in the process of learning, some of the times I don't even know what I am doing. You can access it at: Digital Art Gallery

Ignacio at DeviantART

I have now open a profile on DeviantART. You can access the gallery from here.

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